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  • The ideal play mat for your child - Made in Germany. Certified in accordance with Öko Tex 100 standard. Phthalate-free.

  • Feature a very thick and abrasion-resistant foam the mat. The built-in glass yarn fabric ensures a stable surface, the toughest movements can withstand, therefore also doesn't tends to damage. It is precisely these combination makes the life of the mat that will support your child in over years begleiten und in his advances correct way.

  • If the smallest start performing a swaying action to swivel and later to crawling, you need a stable base that give you a perfect hold for the first crawling and even seat and rotary and Gehversuche. The non-slip play tray allows safety, warmth and comfort in any development in step.

  • E.g. material, more infor countries are found further down this page, see the product description.

  • Perfect for play mat for your child - Made in Germany.
    - Made from PVC foam, 4.5 mm thick
    Certified according to Öko-Tex Standard 100, Product Class 1: Baby Standard Test number: 48325 ÖTI Vienna
    - Phthalate free
    Made in Germany, made in Germany
    - Machine washable at up to 60 °C
    - Mats are slip-proof and therefore prevent accidents
    - Support In The Motor development (in the crawling phase and during games)
    - Insulating, especially on cold surfaces
    - Replaces the play mat, can be used with Bauklötzern, cars, trains etc.
    - Washable, can be disinfected
    - Noise Dampening
    - Easy on the joints
    - Soft, when the baby is Unsanft is
    - Durable
    - Suitable for under-floor heating
    - Lightweight with a can for children's birthday parties, hen or to Grandma and Grandpa Easy to carry.
    ... and something full:
    The mat feature a very dense and abrasion resistant foam. The built-in glass yarn weave ensures a rigid surface, withstands the toughest movements, therefore also tends not to damage. This combination makes the life of the mat that will support your child if properly treated support - and for many years in their advances.
    Also has the mat have a very good skid resistance and optimum cushioning properties on, but is still flexible and soft to the touch. The play mat insulates cold floors and retains body heat. Your baby is warm and soft and is protected against impacts and shocks. The materials are, can be wiped clean, hygienic, non-porous and suitable for use with underfloor heating.

    Play Play Mat Eco Tex 100 Sano Soft 120 x 140 cm Green - 4YP9LAZOB