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  • Great mimic toy "just like" mum and dads keys

  • Bilingual speaks in English and then French

  • 3 clear and easy to use tactile buttons for baby: Car, boat and house shaped, activating associated sounds

  • 24 different sound contents to be activated using the buttons, teaches: First words, Colors and sounds of objects

  • Features simple to use ring clip to allow it to be attached to stroller etc

  • The bilingual toy designed for younger kids. The three buttons have pictures of a boat, car and house that activates 24 different sound contents, first words in English and French plus intermittent light effects. It has two large pendants: one is ring shaped to clip the toy to and the other is a rattle with coloured balls inside.

    Box Contains

    1 x Talking Key
    1 x Instruction Manual

    Chicco Talking Key - C701ZCX9O